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Construction projects in the education sector generally involve a careful balance between time, cost and quality.

EMEC is experienced in providing rapid M&E consultancy and building design services to schools, academies, colleges and universities, meeting stringent requirements with speed and efficiency — and absolutely no compromise on quality.

Having been endorsed by leading qualifications with organisations such as Construction Line, SMAS and ECA, we deliver dependable and cost-efficient solutions over the long term. Flexibility is critical for modern classroom layouts, yet the electrical and mechanical systems must also operate efficiently and drive sustainability. We can provide value-added specialisms, environmental impact, communications, lighting, drainage and ventilation, giving local authorities, architects, project managers and contractors practical solutions they can count on.

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Quality mechanical & electrical design engineering solutions in education

Our goal is to identify the best solution for each scenario, looking at each building’s challenges, risks, safety requirements and sustainability goals.

Building information modelling (BIM) is at the heart of our Building Services Design processes. By working collaboratively with our clients in the education sector and sharing concise concepts from the outset, we minimise downtime and avoid costly last minute changes that hinder long-term performance. EMEC’s experienced engineering specialists know what makes a school, college, nursery or university campus tick. We can quickly understand the physics of a building and design solutions to making them user friendly, more sustainable and comfortable for educators and pupils.

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A fresh, flexible and sustainable approach to mechanical works

  • Deliver the maximum as economically as possible.
  • Work collaboratively to achieve quality solutions that meet our clients’ budgets and timescales.
  • We discover the best possible solutions to reduce carbon cost and energy use without compromising user experience or financial viability.
  • From external lighting solutions to full-scope building energy management systems and high-speed connectivity, we help shape engaging and adaptive learning environments, paying particular attention to improving student learning.
  • We have the creativity, technical knowledge and passion for sustainability to address complex engineering and design challenges.

If you’re looking for clear and professional advice from the outset of your project, please send us a message or call us on 01525 493108. As a reputable M&E contractor in the education sector, we’re approachable for projects of all scales.

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