M&E Designers Delivering within Budget

M&E Designers at EMEC Design and Consultancy Ltd have accumulated significant experience working on large scale projects. This includes working with main contractors and outside consultants to value engineer the M&E services to sit within project budgets whilst adhering to the carbon and energy targets. M&E Designers can build specifications from project briefs or work in collaboration with existing project teams to deliver assessments within financial parameters. Many projects have not only successfully delivered the desired energy reduction targets but in many instances exceeded the project brief.

Building Services Designers with a Drive for Excellence

Building Services Designers at EMEC Design and Consultancy Ltd have a wide portfolio of projects from multiple sectors including Education, Healthcare, Public and Private Housing, Industry, Retail and more. Experience across these sectors gives Building Services Designers access to a wide range of tools and energy reduction strategies that best fit your project specification. A constant drive for excellence permeates the work ethic with the taking advantage of state of the art planning and design software and renewable technologies to enhance the sustainability of the building.

Building Information Modelling for Evidence led Design Improvements

The use of sophisticated building information modelling brings data rich strategies to improving building performance. Quality interventions in design improvement are preceded by quantitative analysis using building information modelling. Using mathematical models to understand building properties allows EMEC Design and Consultancy to design strategies for greater energy efficiency.

Where there is a BIM there is a Way

BIM or Building Information Modelling provides the quantitative means for assessing the value of design improvements or design architecture for building services. This is a powerful tool for making data led decisions. EMEC Design and Consultancy Ltd is accustomed to working within significant budget challenges. BIM is one of many approaches used to evaluate choices with the aid of vital data.

REVIT Building Design Software

Professionals use REVIT. This is a tool that empowers design engineers to take concepts and make them reality. REVIT is an enabler for exploring innovative ideas and testing their practicality in a real setting. Mathematics, physics and structural architecture underpin the use and value of such software. REVIT is an outlet for creative thinking and design within the industry. The team at EMEC Design and Consultancy are expert users of this software and will work with you to conceptualise your designs and support you all the way to their fruition.

From Concept to Operation with IES

IES stands for Integrated Environmental Solutions. IES is another powerful software tool in expert use at EMEC Design and Consultancy Ltd. The use of IES, REVIT and BIM are examples of how EMEC Design and Consultancy Ltd is at the forefront of technology, using software design applications that ultimately help deliver outstanding results.